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8-Week lifestyle transformation

8 Week Lifestyle TransformaTION

The programme which has transformed the lives hundreds of individuals so far; our most popular fat loss plan ever.

This programme has a set start date and runs every 8-10 weeks. It’s a group training plan, meaning the nutrition and training elements are not bespoke to each individual. This enables us to offer the plan at a much lower price point than our one to one coaching packages, whilst still ensuring we cover all of the fundamental aspects of fat loss and achieving incredible results.

The 8 Week Lifestyle Transformation takes a sustainable approach to fat loss; we don’t throw participants in at the deep end. Instead, we focus on implementing small new habits every week. By the end of the 8 weeks, members will have accumulated a selection of positive practices which contribute to making their lifestyle more healthy. This strategy has proven particularly successful with regards to long term fat loss.

Each participant will receive:

  • Personalised calories and macronutrients
  • Weekly weigh in and progress pictures
  • 2x ebooks of calorie counted recipes
  • 2x informative ebooks per week delivered via email
  • Facebook group with all members
  • 4x weekly training sessions delivered via the TrueCoach app; sessions are not tailored to preferences, injuries etc 
  • Training options are:
        • Functional gym based (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells)
        • Machine gym based (weight and cable machines)
        • Home workouts with dumbbells
        • Home workout bodyweight only
        • Post natal core rehabilitation and full body strength (dumbbells only)

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