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Why choose us to help you?


Our job is to simplify the process, by creating a plan which focuses on you, your goals and your lifestyle.


Easy to follow, concise training sessions, which enable you to maximise time spent working out and continue making progress every week.


Keeping your intake in check will allow you to reap the rewards of an improved physique as well as better performance.

It's not all about how you train.

If you are struggling to get results, it’s likely that you need more than just a training programme. With the knowledge, support and accountability of one of our coaches to keep you on track, you’re more likely to reach your goals.

Bespoke One-to-one coaching

Our bespoke packages are for those seeking a personalised coaching experience. Your assigned coach will send through a full lifestyle consultation, which enables them to create a tailored plan best suited to your goals.


8 Week Transformation

The programme which has transformed the lives of over 100 individuals. This is a group training programme, which means both the nutrition and training element are not personalised to each participant.

Getting results since 2018

Concept Wellness would be nothing without the men and women that have put their trust in us over the years, and working together we’ve had the privilege of seeing some truly tremendous accomplishments. Whether that means gaining the confidence to wear a two piece at the beach after having their first child, fitting into the suit they always imagined they’d walk their daughter down the aisle in, or the everyday confidence that permeates everything they do.

If you are considering working with Concept Wellness, DO IT! Their coaches are very approachable and provided me with lots of feedback and video explanations when I needed help with a specific movement.

Body Transformation

If you are looking for a company that will get results without silly fads and will always be on hand with advice, I cannot recommend their services highly enough.


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