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We’ve been training with Concept Wellness since July 2020, and started the Bespoke Coaching option 8 months ago. Our sessions are easy to follow on the TrueCoach app; they are amazing, often challenging, but very motivating and varied. Each workout is tailored to our individual needs for our aspirations. Our coach has a detailed approach to nutrition and the diet/macro plan is easy to follow and sustainable. We love that our assigned coach is friendly and approachable, always on hand for advice and responds quickly to messages. Our results have been amazing and we definitely recommend their services

- Jo

Body Transformation

To put it simply, training with Concept Wellness is super fun; they make the whole process so simple & easy, and the results speak for themselves. As someone that has never been 100% confident in my body, I started online coaching during lockdown to drop some weight and increase muscle tone. Within weeks I was feeling more confident, and now 1.5 years down the line I can honestly say it’s changed my life!

I have learnt so much about nutrition, movement and general lifestyle habits, which has altered my perspective on everything relating to health and lifestyle, as well as having given aesthetic results. I joined thinking I just wanted results, but what I’ve learnt is so much more; it’s what you need to help maintain those results, something no other program had done for me before. Their no-nonsense approach to training makes the whole process a breath of fresh air.

If you are looking for a company that will get results without silly fads and will always be on hand with advice, I cannot recommend their services highly enough.

- Adelaide

I am so grateful to Concept Wellness and the support they have provided me; they really know their stuff. I am forever singing the praises of The 8 Week Lifestyle Transformation; I have now taken part for two consecutive years. The first time was a complete awakening to how out of control my eating habits had become. The programme made me realise that I was eating the wrong foods and not getting nearly enough protein in my daily intake. I would also switch between bingeing to escape from stress and then restricting myself as punishment. The support I gained through online coaching really helped me steer away from these bad habits. I was also surprised at how much I enjoyed preparing meals with fresh ingredients.

The sessions were really well planned; I loved that they were varied and incorporated mobility too. I am mostly sitting at a desk all day and I also play volleyball, so I noticed a huge difference in my posture while working and in my movement, speed and general fitness during volleyball practice after following The 8 Week Lifestyle Transformation.

In week one I would struggle to complete a workout without telling myself “I can’t do it”. However, by the end of the programme I had moved away from scaled versions of exercises and was really happy with my progress. Certain movements became less uncomfortable (like lunges and squats) as my mobility improved, leading to less knee and back pain. My energy levels improved alongside my sleep quality as a result of the new habits I had learned.

My final note would be if you are considering working with Concept Wellness, DO IT! Their coaches are very approachable and provided me with lots of feedback and video explanations when I needed help with a specific movement. Their contact was just the right amount of encouragement I needed to keep me accountable and to ensure I was pushing myself. Thank you!



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